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Don't Hire A Copywriter Until You've Read This...

How To Hire A Top Level Copywriter With "A Drop In The Bucket"!!

Dear Friend,

If you’re selling a high-ticket service (or product)… and… you’d like to double your revenue, then this is going to be the most exciting message you’ll ever read.

Let me explain:

My name is Wuyen Hsu. I’m a freelance copywriter and marketing consultant.

As I said above, I believe I can help you double your revenue. Bold statement? Perhaps. But I believe I have the result to back it up.

Among the clients I’ve helped:

  • For an 8-figure SAAS company: A webinar funnel, promoted to “cold” Google search traffic, which brought in $57 in revenue for every $1 in marketing costs!
  • For a self-development summit: The full promotion campaign which generated over 1207 new subscribers within 3 days.
  • For a local marketing agency: The marketing strategy that grew the agency from zero to over $33,300 per month… in a 3 months period
  • For an eCommerce store: An email-to-vsl promotion campaign that pulled 90% open-rates and brought in 5-figure revenue in one promotion. 
  • For a multi-7-figure fitness coach: A single “trigger email” that pulled 19.6% open rate and 5% CTR for a high-ticket subscription service.
  • For a physical therapist in Austin: A custom plan to create and sell his $1,497 certification program. 
  • For a business coach: A complete “book funnel” to get pre-qualified clients. (And she now calls me her “secret weapon” when it comes to sharing her message to more people in the world.)

As a result of these successes, I’ve discovered one secret:

All business problem can be solved by good marketing…and all marketing problem can be solved by good copies.

That’s the reason why I’ve recently decided to go into copywriting full-time.
(I was an engineering consultant for 3 years and a marketing consultant for another 3 years).

And I’d love to use my copywriting skills (trained and mentored by Lukas Resheske, the 8-figure copywriter) to help you make more - much more - money selling your services and products.

Until recently, most of my works have been on my own projects, which is why very few people have heard of me yet.

And here’s the main reason I’m writing this:

I’m trying to extend my network, jump start my freelance career… and… start working with a wide variety of “quality” clients. This means you’ll be able to hire me for a competitive price.

But wait, there’s more...

Because I belong to a private group of pro copywriters...

Your copy will be reviewed and critiqued by some of the world’s best copywriters - without you having to pay an extra dime!!

(Some of these world-class copywriters charge $1,000+ for a single critique!)

Great deal, right?

So if this sounds like something you’re interested in… please schedule a FREE “Discovery” call on my calendar using this link:

We can talk about any marketing project you're planning on and I can send samples (or whatever you need).

I’d like the opportunity to work with you… and… advance my career.

Talk to you soon.



Wuyen Hsu
Copywriter For Marketing Agencies

P.S. I’m confident in writing for just about any field. However, I specialize in helping marketing agencies get more leads and scale their profit.

P.P.S. I don’t know how many people will respond to this message, and I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to charge this ridiculous low fee. So if you’re interested, you’ll want to schedule a call today:


P.P.P.S. Interested but have some question? Great! Ask away. You can find my contact on the upper right corner of this page, under the menu "Connect"... or you can email me at:

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