“This sounds genunie. I know he’s just a random guy i found on the internet… but let’s talk!”

– You, after reading this page (hopefully)

Hi, my name is Wuyen Hsu (pronounced “xu” or “shu”), the owner of this site.


I help e-commerces and B2C brands make more sales using a Back-End Profit Engine. Now, you might be wondering…

“What is a Back-End Profit Engine?”

In short, it’s a 3-tier system of email automations that you can set up once and help you pump out profit – week in, week out – on autopilot, without spending more on ads. (Click Here to find out more)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

You’re probably on this page because you want to find out more about ME – as a person.

Here’s the gist:

I’m an engineer turned email copywriter turned one-person agency.
(It’s a long story for next time😉)

Inherited from my engineering background, I’m professional, well-organized, and have an eye for detail. After all, no one wants a careless, messy, and lousy engineer designing their building.

here are a few things I value deeply…

  • Mastery of my craft

I try to become the best at whatever I’m currently doing. That’s why I managed to get my PE Licence within 2 years during my engineering job. And it’s also why I’ve helped my partners build automations that can crank out $50,000+ a week.

  • Deadlines

Do you know how much it costs to extend construction for a week in San Francisco? Google it. It’ll blow your mind. And you’ll understand why I’m serious about deadlines.

  • Integrity

There’s a lot of bull in the marketing world… and we really don’t need more. So, do NOT ask me to do something you and I both know that it’s a terrible idea. Not gonna happen.

The only thing I’m good at:

At this point, I’m supposed to list out 365 things I’m good at…

But actually, I focus my energy – putting in my 10,000 hours – on mastering one particular skill. That is…

To help businesses make more sales from email.


“Working with Wuyen has been a pleasure!… I’ve always known that there’s a missing link in our email strategy… And Wuyen helped us fill up that missing part with his unique style of storytelling. His emails not only brought in profit but also helped establish a stronger bonding with our subscribers… So, if you want to improve your email marketing, I highly recommend Wuyen.”

– Rahul Ramchand, Former Prenetics CMO


To be honest.

I don’t know why you need this information. But here you go:

I completed my Engineering Leadership Master’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2012.

Our program, aka M.Eng, required us to take classes from the Business School and work on collaborative projects with industry leaders. So, I know a fair bit about “traditional” business education, too.

In case you’re wondering…

I graduated with a 3.925 GPA, a straight A with only two A-, which basically means I’m smart and hard-working.

But the truth?

Who cares? A degree matters very little in the real world of marketing.

Even testimonials and past results can be worthless without context.

So, maybe we’re a fit. Maybe not. But if you’re interested to find out.

Click Here for more details.

Rooting for you,