a sale can happen when you least expect

Recently, we moved into a new place, and we desperately need some new furniture. But we can’t leave the baby at home alone…

So, yesterday, we decided to take the little thing on her first IKEA adventure on a Tuesday afternoon when there were very few people.

It was scary.

We don’t know if she’ll cry… 

…or cry

…or cry.


But here’s what happened instead:

  • We put her in the car safety seat – Zzzz 
  • We put her in the stroller – Zzzz
  • We went from IKEA – Zzzz
  • To NITORI – Zzzz
  • To MUJI – Zzzz

It almost felt like a dream vacation…


When we were heading home…


The baby was awake… and wanted attention RIGHT AWAY!!

But we were trapped in traffic… with 6 plastic shelves plus 2 bags of household goods in a tiny sedan.

My wife held three shelves on her lap… while trying to calm the baby.

I remember exchanging a helpless eye touch with her through the rearview mirror and thinking – 

This is kinda funny….

Because it’s a lot like a prospect’s shopping behavior.

It’s unpredictable.

When you think they’ll buy… they might just sit through a killer offer.

But when you’re least expecting… they might start shopping.

When they start shopping, you have a very short window of opportunity – or they’ll end up with your competitors.

And that’s why it’s so important always to be top-of-mind.

You want to show up – regularly – so that when the opportunity presents itself, you’re the #1 choice.

Now, there are a lot of ways you can do this:

Being omnipresent on social media.

Putting advertisements on every platform.

Or sending regular email broadcasts.

(I recommend 2 to 7 emails a week)

While I’m biased, I prefer email.

Because it costs the least amount of time and money to run.

So, if you want to build a system to stay top-of-mind without adding 15 tasks to your to-do list… I can help.

Claim a free email audit here, and I’ll dig into your account to give you some ideas for growth. Best part?

This is a free service.

I want to show you how I can help you by actually helping you first.

But you’ll want to act fast…

Before the baby starts crying again.

Cheering for you,