9 tips for a highly profitable email list (final part)

Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday…

(Part 1 & Part 2)

At the end of my last email, I told you there was one king winner from my undercover experiment. There’s one newsletter that I – 

  • Read every single day
  • Occasionally reply and engage
  • Buy almost every offer

And here’s how to make it happen for your emails:

1. Make list building your #1 obsession

Look, even the best newsletters have a churn rate.

It’s inevitable.

But there’s no reason to let unsubscribes scare you from emailing more often. Think about it:

Yes – if you don’t email, you will have zero unsubscribe rate. But you’ll also make zero sales. Then, why are you collecting the list?

So, the best way to “fight” unsubscribe is by growing your list.

(not sending less)

2. Preframe your email content before optin

Most ecommerces are afraid to say anything on the optin form.

They’ll showcase the lead magnet: “15% off discount code”

…and be quiet about what & how often they’ll be emailing.

The idea is…

If I don’t say anything, I won’t offend anyone (and I’ll get more optins).


But you’ll also get more unsubscribes because there is no expectation of what will happen. In this case, ANYTHING you send might offend someone… because they didn’t “sign up” for it.

Instead, make it clear:

3. Utilize all “email real estate”

Let’s look at the detailed process for an optin.

There are:

– The optin form

– The post-optin page

– The confirmation email

– The confirmation page

– The welcome sequence

These are all valuable real estate where you can strengthen your first impression. Remember, first impressions last forever.

4. Welcome Sequence makes or breaks a relationship

Building on top of the last point…

Your Welcome Sequence is arguably the most important automation in your system. Because I’ve found that…

If people don’t engage with your emails (open, click, reply) early on, they tend to drop cold fast… and will never become customers.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to use your welcome flow to fuel your word-of-mouth marketing. A good welcome sequence can self-fuel your list-building.

5. The best segmentation strategy is…

Keep it simple.

Instead of getting overly complicated, focus on writing emails that interest everyone. (more on the next tip)

Pro Tip: Sending sales emails to existing customers encourages them to “use your product” and reminds them to buy again. So, yes, you should NOT exclude past customers from your campaigns.

6. Understand why people stay on your list

People might be joining for your discount code…

…but they only stay if your emails are entertaining, encouraging, and educating. Mostly for the entertainment.

(giving credit: Daniel Throssell AiC Newsletter)

Oh, one more thing on this topic…

Email agencies will tell you that people’s attention spans are short nowadays, so your emails need to have fewer words (and more images).


People’s attention spans are so short that they can binge-watch a full season of Suits on Netflix in one day?! lol

So, yeah…

People will stay on your list – and read your emails – as long as it’s fun.

7. Sell

It’s funny how I have to remind my clients that – 

“The purpose of having an email list is to make you money.”

by Me

To make money, you have to sell your product.


This brings us to the next tip…

8. Make a unique offer every month

When I say offer, I’m not talking about flash sales or yuge discounts.

Be creative.

Create bundles. Make things exclusive. Use bonuses. Give store credits.


When you’re consistently creating interesting/irresistible offers, you train your subscribers to read your emails timely. (due to FOMO)

Pro Tip: When your subscribers get into the habit of checking your emails, you don’t have to worry about your subject line anymore. Because your “Sender Name” becomes your best subject line.

(I don’t care about the subject line for my favorite newsletter. I’ll ALWAYS open it.)

9. But don’t be needy

Neediness will kill your sales.

You should always be selling… always making offers… but most of your emails should be soft-selling where you’re “suggesting” a product.

Only about 20% of your emails will be hard-selling (due to an upcoming deadline). The other 80%?

Focus on infotainment. 

Wrap insights in entertainment (aka storytelling)… with a soft CTA.

That’s all.

This is a longer email. Read it a few more times to let it sink in.

Cheering for you,

P.S. As always…

If you need help implementing, you know where to find me.