88 years ago…

On January 29, 1936, the U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame elected its first 5 members in Cooperstown, New York:

– Ty Cobb

– Babe Ruth

– Honus Wagner

– Christy Mathewson

– Walter Johnson

This private organization started as a marketing and publicity gimmick – trying to attract tourists to the Depression-ravaged city of Cooperstown.

But now…

The Hall of Fame has become a sacred place for baseball fans, getting approximately 350,000 visitors annually!

But why do baseball fans care so much about Hall of Fame voting?

Because the Hall of Fame is a simple qualifier.

Look, baseball fans love to share about their favorite players…

But it’s hard to explain to your friends how…

– Walter Johnson was one of the most powerful pitchers

– Ty Cobb was the most productive hitter 

– Babe Ruth was both an ace pitcher and the greatest home-run hitter


It’s too technical. 

But if you say:

“Walter Johnson, Hall of Famer.”

People get it – even those who aren’t into baseball.

Just like the Pulitzer Prize for journalism…

The Academy Awards for the film industry…

The Nobel Prize for science and economy.

So, how do you use this idea in your marketing?

It’s simple.

1) Once a week, find a customer you love.

2) Write a “Customer of the Week” email broadcast spotlighting his/her story. (why did they buy your product, and what result did they get) 

This will help you establish your Hall of Fame customers, attracting similar prospects into your world.

Okay. Going deeper will become too technical. 😉

So, I’ll stop here for today.

But give it a try.

Cheering for you,