$6 per email

Yesterday, I came across an old video on YouTube:

The video starts with the sound of an engine. A middle-aged man is driving in a snowy country, smirking at the camera – 

“Why is it so hard to make a good car?”

“There are certain things the manufacturers will not talk about. They can’t say it because of internal policy and public relations. And that is…”

“Customers want everything for nothing.”


The truth bites, right?

And this is true for almost every industry.

Customers want the features of a Mercedes S for the price of a Corolla.

Clients want a world-class copywriter at $6 per email.

I’m not kidding.

Last week, I saw a job post seeking a “Klaviyo expert, Native English Only” for $6 per email (including strategy, design, copy, and list management)

6 dOlLAr?!

That’s less than the minimum wage.

Come on.

Let’s get serious.

Trying to grow your business with a $6 copywriter is like building muscle by eating junk food. Garbage in, garbage out.

Look – if you want to scale, marketing is your bloodline. So, top marketing talent is the best investment for your business.


For those who don’t want a Fiverr freelancer outsourcing ChatGPT to his 12-year-old nephew… I have a new offer for you.

Email me at “wy<@>wuyenhsu.com” with the word ‘GROW,’ and we’ll see if you’re the right fit.

Cheering for you,