12 unpopular predictions for 2024 ecom email marketing

To celebrate Christmas… and the last week of 2023… let’s make:


1. More gu-raws will claim email marketing is dead.

(like they’ve been claiming for the past 20 years 🙄)

2. And these gu-raws will use the opportunity to sell you an “ultimate ChatGPT prompt collection” with the promise of writing “amazing emails in your voice within seconds.”

Look, I’m all pro-technology.

And AI is the next big thing.

But AI will never replace the human behind the computer.

(and probably for the better)

Therefore, I’m also predicting…

3. In 2024, the only people who can use ChatGPT (or any AI tools) to write great emails are those who can do so WITHOUT the tool.

(it’s like PPT didn’t turn Average Joe into a TED speaker overnight)

Since we’re talking about great copy…

4. Copy-driven, plain-text emails that ENTERTAIN your audience will continue outperforming images that are supposedly worth a thousand words.

In fact…

5. E-commerce emails with a lot of images will see a significant decrease in deliverability due to the New Gmail Policy.

(search “New Gmail protections” for more deets)

But despite the new policy…

6. Email marketing will remain the most profitable channel for eCommerce in 2024 (& beyond).

Yes, better than TikTok…

Better than Reels…

And better than Twitt… X!


7. Email automations will become less effective.

Because the awareness level is rising quickly…

…and people are getting tired of “fake personalization.”

This is also why we’ve recently seen better performance for Browser Abandonment than Cart Abandonment. Less abused.

(What to do instead? A shameless plug for my 1 Email A Day-ish Profit Engine.)

But it’s not just email automations…

8. All emails from a faceless corporation will continue to slide.

Want better results?

Try writing from one person to another person.

For example –

Write from the CEO or founder of the company…

…and write as if talking to ONE individual.

(avoid saying, “hey everyone,” because everyone is not one person)

By the way –

9. Discounts and flash sales will still be very effective, yet…

If you track your numbers…

10. You’ll notice that discounts will damage your profitability in the long run.


First, you’re training prospects ONLY to buy when there’s a discount.

Second, you’ve anchored your price to a lower number, making the full price unsellable.

Third, people will tune out to your emails because they’re predictable.

“But if I’m not using discounts, how do I capture my audiences’ attention?”

11. Stories – my friend. Because…

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make. But about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin, author of over 20 bestselling books.

Last but not least…

12. The weather in 2024 will be even weirder than in 2023.


What does that have to do with email marketing?


As long as you don’t let the weather stop you from writing emails.


Cheers & Merry Christmas!