1-click unsubscribe

Recently a lot of marketers have been complaining about unusually low delivery rates (& extremely high unsubscribe rates) using Klaviyo.

Well, here’s why:

In Feb 2024, Gmail came out with a new 1-click unsubscribe feature. (this is the unsubscribe link right under your subject line)

Many e-commerces are super “needy” when it comes to unsubscribing.

You have to find the hidden unsubscribe link…

(I’ve seen brands who change the link into white so that you can’t see it)

(btw – that’s dumb)

Login on the website to access the “email preferences.”

Uncheck half a dozen lists…

And confirm your email address just to get OFF the list.

(there are fewer steps to access your online banking account 🤷)

But – 

A week later…

You receive yet another email.

(because you only unsubscribe to the promo list, not the weekly digest 🙄)

Come on.

Stop being a stalker where people have to call the police to get you off their back.

If they hate you so much… you have to make them jump through hoops to prevent unsubscribing… they will never buy from you anyway.

They’ll just mark you as spam… because that’s much easier.

(Gmail giving them an unsubscribe link is doing you a favor to avoid spam complaints)

The solution to high unsubscribe rates?


Make your email worth reading.

Give value through entertainment, encouragement, and/or education.

The three Es.

When people find your emails valuable, they’ll find them even if Gmail accidentally puts them in the wrong folder.

Okay, let’s all for today.

By the way, I’m working on a free workshop to walk you through the exact system I use to help my clients build an Email Profit Engine using the 4M Method.

So, quick question…

Regarding email marketing, what’s your #1 challenge right now?

I want to make sure I can tailor the workshop to your specific situation.

Just hit reply and let me know.

Cheering for you,