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Me in 72 Seconds...

Hey, it's Wuyen here...

I'm an entrepreneur, consultant, and email funnel copywriter but I'll tell you more about this in half a minute...

I had one "day-job" in my whole life and was forced to leave it due to 3 surgeries plus 8 months recovery in bed. The surgeries was the best thing that has ever happened to me (so far)!

The adventure has been, most of the times, SUPER HARD! But I love every minute of it and can no longer imagine living otherwise.

I'm a Taiwan citizen but I'm all over the places.

Each year, I spend 6 months in the middle of great foods (Taiwan) and 6 months in the middle of nowhere (Pinole, CA) trying to lose the pounds. 

I love swimming, reading and watching movies.

I'm fascinated by those who can follow a minimalist lifestyle and I continuously remind myself to simplify and be mindful of every minute (...but definitely still a working process).

I also have the Shiny Object Syndrome so I've literally bought every course presented to me until I finally realize that they're all either painting a fake dream or telling only part of the story.

And yeah, I still get excited every single time I see a new offer...

But hey...

That's what lead me to establish the Email Funnel (Daily Emails + Video Sales Letter) which I use to help hundreds of consultants and agencies to consistently attract, presell, and close high-paying clients!

You can learn more about the system here:


And the best part about this system?

This is also the easiest (and funnest) way to sell any products or services even if you hate the traditional "selling technique".


My clients hire me to help them double their income and you can find out how I can help YOU as well.

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Wuyen Hsu
The Email Funnel Copywriter For Consultants