Who's Wuyen?

Hi, I'm Wuyen Hsu - a consultant-turned-copywriter.

For over 3.5 years I struggled as a consultant. Every day I felt like I was spinning in a hamster wheel. I was always chasing after the next prospects and waiting for referrals.

Sure, it was fun meeting new prospects... 

But it was equally frustrating.

Because I couldn’t stop. If I stopped chasing after prospects that day...

Maybe I was tired.

Or sick.

Or went on a vacation.

It didn’t matter. A day without chasing prospects was a day without new income.

Since the “chasing” was what paid the bills. The chasing was what I had to do - every single day! So day after day, I hopped on the wheel... and... day after day, I spun into a lifestyle I hated.

Then I discovered a simple system (The Lead Engine) that can power your business with a stream of new clients, on-demand. This system is like a team of world-class salesmen helping you grow your business - but even better - because the system is working for you 24/7 nonstop (plus you don't have to pay any salary)!!

Now I help clientele businesses - think marketing agencies, coaches, consultants, and professional service providers - scale their businesses to 7-figure and beyond.

That said, if you're interested to find out how I can help you scale your business, just click the "Continue To Learn More" link below for more details:

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Wuyen Hsu
​Copywriter + Lead Gen Specialist
(aka Marketing Geek)