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The Secret Of Creating Your Own Lead Generation System...
In 2 Short Weeks!

If you're a Lead Generation Agency but you don't have a system to generate leads for yourself, listen carefully.

Forget sales funnel!

Forget webinar!

Forget lead magnet!

What you offer is a real-deal service, NOT a "Do-It-Yourself" info-product.

In essence...

If your goal is to generate a steady stream of new leads, any system with over 2 steps is an overkill. More importantly, webinar and lead magnet tends to attract freebie seekers. 

You know, the "get rich quick" wantrepreneurs who aren't serious about building a real business. (Yeah, those guys.)

That's why by far, the easiest and fastest way to generate a steady stream of new leads for your agency is with a Simple Lead System.

A system that includes:

  • ONE Traffic Source
  • ONE Sales Letter
  • ONE Irresistible Offer

Nothing more!!

But there's only one problem...

While traffic is easy to get...

Writing a sales letter is hard. 

And, writing a sales letter that CONVERTS is even harder.

Even if you follow some 21-point checklist...

It's still hard. Because you need a background in advertising, persuasion, market research, offer creation and at least 1,000 hours in copywriting.

So... maybe you haven't started yet...

Or maybe you're half-way done...

Or maybe you've been procrastinating on getting it to perfection... 

Either way, you don't have a lead generation system for your own agency.

And, I'd like to solve your problem, once and for all.

Hi, my name is Wuyen Hsu.

I'm a copywriter for Lead Generation Agencies. 

So here's the offer in 13 words:

"Give Me 2 Weeks And I'll Give You A Simple Lead System - GUARANTEED."

In effect, you have a system that generates leads for you, on-demand.


I eliminate your "secret little embarrassment" as a Lead Gen Agency without an online lead gen system. 😉

Who Do I Work With?

Lead Generation Agencies who are doing $250k (or more) per year.

No offense. But you're not "ready" to automate your lead generation process until you've hit the $250k mark.

What Does The Simple Lead System Looks Like?

It's call the "Simple Lead System" because it has only 2 steps

The system turns cold traffic into presold leads, directly!! A new and different approach from all the craziness in the Internet marketing world today.

The market is full of gurus who want every business to create a SUPER COMPLICATED sales funnel.

Webinar Funnel?

Product Launch Formula?

Ascension Sales Funnel?

Every one of these funnels requires multiple web-pages, VSLs, webinars and email auto-responders.

Why so complicated?

Because most gurus sell Dreams (info-products) to Wantrepreneur (course hoarders). And to sell these Dreams...

A multi-step process is essential to work up the hype so that people are willing to invest $1,997 for a set of video recordings.

But you, my friend, are different.

You're NOT selling an e-book for $4.99... nor a course for $1,997.

You sell SOLID SERVICE to real businesses for a rightful fee.

Complication is your enemy.

In fact, complication is the enemy to all execution.

The fastest way to get started?

Having the right offer to the right market with a Simple Lead System.

That's all. 

Simple, effective and ready to launch in 2 short weeks!

Here's The Disclosure:

This does NOT work for you if you don't have any past result OR a solid offer OR an advertising budget of at least $100 per day.


So if you want more clients but you don't have a lead generation system (yet), it's time we meet.

Wuyen Hsu (aka Marketing Geek)
The Copywriter For Lead Generation Agencies

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